About us

Premium Packaging Solutions is a polyethylene sheets / low density poly polyethylene films manufacturer based in the UAE, started in the year of 2018, we are manufacturing environmental friendly polyethylene sheets / films.

We can make polyethylene sheets / films ranging from a width of 2 to 4 meters length between 3 to 250 meters, and the thickness varying between 15 to 300 Microns to satisfy our customers’ requests.

Premium Packaging Solutions has been supplying these polyethylene sheets / films to construction fields, road infrastructure, green house, packaging industries, textile fabric finishing mills locally and internationally. We believe in Quality and committed to protect your business, with our experienced management and crew.

Our Products


Polyethylene sheet / film is a very strong plastic product that can be found in items ranging from shopping bags to bulletproof vests. Thin sheets of polyethylene are sold in rolls and used in many commercial and industrial activities.

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Some tarpaulins and tents are made from polyethylene as well. It is used as a separating layer between sand and building. Thicker polyethylene sheets are rigid or semi-rigid. They have a high tensile strength and smooth surface, and are quite resistant to abrasion and environmental stress cracks.

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We make our products as per customer requirements, please feel free to get in touch for us a quote.

You can write to us using the the form below or email us at premiumpackfzc@gmail.com. We can also be reached on +971 56 108 1761 & +971 6 7427911.

Premium Packaging Solutions FZC.

Address: Warehouse No. LV-33-A, Hamriyah Free Zone, Phase 2, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
P.O. Box 51217
Phone: +971 56 108 1761 & +971 6 7427911
E-mail: premiumpackfzc@gmail.com